Bunk Bed with Open Bottom: Decide Your Favorite!

Bunk bed is getting more popular not only for children but also for adults. It is getting famous because it has the capability to save the space. Moreover, if you have to share a small room with a friend, brother or sister, having bunk bed sounds to be a nice solution to keep your privacy. There are some types of bunk bed, especially for adults. And one of them is bunk bed with open bottom. If you love this idea and are looking for the recommended bunk bed with the open bottom, now you can think about that. Below are some good quality bunk beds with the open bottom.

Good Quality Bunk Bed with Open Bottom

1. Bunk Bed Set Twin Full-Size Bottom

Coaster Loft Bed Full Size Work Station

This bunk bed offers good price with good features. One of the features is the good full mattress. And you can email the manufacturer with the color finish that you want such as black if you want the modern look. This bunk bed is one great addition to your small bedroom or small dorm. It comes with sturdy metal frame as well as safety rails.

Not only that, this bunk bed with open bottom can be used, as a safe kid’s bunk bed. So, for you who have two children but only have one small room, you can choose this bed. It comes with the silver or black finish, and it’s very easy to assemble. This bed also comes with the ladder with secure built. So, it’s very easy to climb and down. It’s very perfect for story time, siblings, and sleepovers.

Premium Full Size Black Metal Loft Bed

This bed with an open bottom is bed set that offers much sleeping space. Not only that, you can enjoy your good night sleep peacefully. This bunk bed includes safety rails on the top bunk that has the dimension in 78” long, 54” wide, and 60” high. This bunk bed is great since it can accommodate the twin as well as full sized mattresses. And if it’s not included, you can email the manufacturer to show you what they have. If you need some discount, you can email them too.

Bunk Bed With Open Bottom for Sale

2. Coaster Home Furnishing 460078

South Shore Tree House Collection Loft Bed Twin Chocolate

The next recommended for the bunk bed with open bottom is Coaster Home Furnishing 460078 Gunmetal that has stylish and fun design full over and a full-size bunk bed. It has the nice color option that is surely going to give you contemporary décor, especially for your kids. Not only for kids but is this bunk bed also suitable to be used by adults.

This bunk bed has curve metal design which softens and also holds the strong support of this bed. This bunk bed with open bottom is much recommended for you whether you are looking for any ways to save the space of just making the attractive and fun piece. This twin bunk bed will surely give you, or your child update looks while sleeping in the small bedroom. Without too much effort, this bunk bed can be a focal point of the bedroom.