Kids Bunk Bed with Slide and Stairs: Awesomely Fun Choice of Comfort

When it comes to bunk beds for children’s bedroom, they have become a traditional and popular choice, especially in a shared room. Even if the chamber isn’t for share, a bunk bed makes a great space saving solution for extra bed whenever a friend comes for a sleepover. Even so, a regular bunk bed is not the only option you can find out there. With so many creative bunk bed designs with the amazing theme and design styles, the kid’s bunk bed with slide and stairs is one of the most fun ideas out there to add the playful vibe in your children’s room.

Kids Bunk Bed with Slide and Stairs Ideas

Coaster Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent Multicolor

The bunk bed with slide can easily turn your kid’s room into a playground. And apparently, it is no longer a difficult task to find one since many stores offer the bunk bed slide attachment for kids today.

The fun and safe replacement for your kid’s bunk bed you can buy from the stores are made to meet the safety standards without sacrificing the fun in the room! Well, it goes without saying that seeing the fun bunk beds with slides of your dream in your kid’s room is no longer impossible, right?

Twin Tent Loft with Slide and Slat-Kits Light Espresso Blue Tent

There are some different ways you can do to incorporate the slide attachment to your kid’s bunk bed. Add the slide to the top bunk and keep the ladder, and let your kid has a great fun the first thing in the morning! The slide can be placed on the corner if your kid’s room is smaller in size with limited floor space inside.

Replacement for Loft Bed with Slide and Tent

But if the size of the room doesn’t matter at all and you prefer to add something entirely different, think about something distinct such as a tube slide. A twisted tube slide can quickly add the fun in the room without having to take up too much of floor space in the room.

And don’t you think that a tube slide can make an excellent choice for the bed with slide and tent idea? Well, now your little ones can enjoy their adventures without having to leave the comfort of their bedroom! If your kids are bigger and older, think about a climbing wall along with a ladder to access the top bunk, be it used as a bed or as a play area.

DHP Junior Loft with Slide

If the replacement slide for loft bed is not to be used as a bed for your kid, you can consider transform it into a fort instead. This will make a totally fun and exciting idea for a kid’s playroom. And with a slide attachment, playing in and around the fort surely will be even more joyful! Do not hesitate to take the creative route and opt for a custom bunk.

Last but not least, do not forget that your kid’s bunk bed with slide and stairs needs to be safe too. Either a store-bought bunk bed with slide and stairs set or a DIY one you plan on having, always pay attention to the quality of construction, material, and other factors that will profoundly determine the safety of the bunk. Any accident and injury will be the least thing you want to happen to your children, right?