Top 8 Best Bunk Beds For Your Kids Convenience

Bunk bed is the best solution for those who want to have small multi-functional beds but can load more persons a bed. Bunk bed has been found very long ago. It is not only suitable for minimalist bedroom, but also good for your all daughters and sons.

Having best bunk bed for your kids make them can understand each other, tolerate each other and make the older brother protects his younger brother. That’s why have a bunk bed is all brilliant idea ever seen. But make sure you don’t make mistakes in choosing the bunk bed, make sure that they are durable and comfortable enough to use. Well, if you are a beginner, here are some bunk bed products we recommend for you!

WE Furniture Rustic Wood Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

Probably you want to nostalgic by buying this rustic twin bunk bed for your kids. This reminds you about your own childhood long years ago. Or even you want to bring a 70s and 80s bunk back to your beds, buy the WE Furniture Rustic Wood Twin Bunk Bed sounds good. You don’t need spend your money to refurbish your old twin beds just to get new look, buying the new one is cheaper than it.

WE Furniture Rustic Wood Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

This saving-space rustic twin bunk bed can fulfill your kids wish. The powder-coated steel with a hand painted makes this bunk bed have undoubtedly durability. This antiqued finished bed can add a chic style in a bedroom. No matter how cramped the room is, you can still place this rustic bunk bed in your bedroom. Impressively, it also features full length guardrails with an integrated ladder.

Uniquely, this perfect piece safely and easily converts back into twin beds. How about the panel? Is that similarly durable?. Thanks to High-Grade MDF laminated wood panels which make it more durable than ever. Other benefits you can get from this product such as each bank supports up to 250 lbs, slats included inside. But unlucky it doesn’t include bedding and mattresses so buyers should buy own bedding separately.

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Loft Bed, Merlot

L shaped bunk bed can be the special solution for those who want to have a bunk bed with unique and space-saving features. It is fully made from solid wooden materials which give a natural and chic look. Not too dangerous for your kids, because you don’t need to feel afraid about the rusty iron.

Discovery World Furniture Twin over Full Loft Bed, Merlot

Finished with glossy paint makes this bunk bed look small but beautiful. Although this is made from solid wooden materials, but you feel no worried about this. It is easily DIY assembled. You don’t need a professional help just to install this in your kids bedroom. If it is compared with the first rustic bunk bed at first, this L shaped bunk bed is more expensive but better in its look.

So what will you get from this typically bunk bed?. Unlike other bunk bed types, this loft merlot bunk bed has been bundled with complete slat kits bed mattress. Impressively, this is also completed by European styled roller glide drawers which can be used to save your kids goods and might be their toys as well.

For kids who love reading book so much, it features bookshelf with 4 shelves with two adjustable. At last, for the safety and comfort, it has been certified by general conformity certificate and has met all ASTM and CPSC specifications. Therefore, there are some cons you must know i.e. the metal slats might not wide enough for the bed frame and also significantly warped. Beside that, the price is a little bit expensive.

ACME Kaleb Sandy Black Queen over Queen Bunk Bed

Well, queen bunk bed is the next type of bed which is suitable for them. This classic styled bunk bed is very durable, although we know that the design comes into few designs, but it doesn’t mean queen bunk bed isn’t good. There are many considerations why queen bunk bed is still existed until now.

ACME Kaleb Sandy Black Queen over Queen Bunk Bed

Like other type of bunk beds, it is also completed with slat system but the mattress isn’t included. So make sure that you buy it separately. Built in sturdy metal construction make this bunk bed lasts more than 20 years. So if your kids grow up, it will be still used.

Completed by full length guardrail which make your kids are always protected and safe. After you see many pros side above, you also have to know that this queen bunk bed only comes into a little bit color options so for those who want to decor the children bedroom with colorful furniture, this is typically a bunk bed which isn’t suitable for them.

DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed with Slide

Bunk bed with slide is the next type of bunk bed you must consider. Its uniqueness makes it deserve to buy. Constructed by metal and completed by unique silver slides. Red slides are also available to buy. The slide makes your kids love it so much.

DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed with Slide, Multifunctional Design, Silver with Red Slide

Make them feel so comfortable along days. Sleep and play can be fun for them. By having this unique shaped bed, mothers can let them play alone, while mom finishes her homework. Impressively, this twin bunk bed with slide has been completed stats so mom feels no need box spring or foundation.

For safety and protection term, this includes a guardrail that runs along the length of the bed. This bunk bed also can load one standard size twin mattress. Unlucky this bunk bed isn’t completed yet with twin mattress, so make sure you buy this separately. To improve the fun by dressing up the loft bed as a bakery, fort and more.

Mission Twin Over Full Staircase Bunk Bed with Trundle in Merlot Finish

Do you want to have a staircase bunk bed with Rich Merlot Lacquer finish?. The answer is Bunk Bed with Trundle in Merlot Finish. This bunk bed is constructed by solid wooden which is better in its look. It is very suitable for those who love so much with natural bunk bed designs. We know that wooden material is safest one. That’s why there are many parents choose wooden bunk bed because of its look and hygiene as well.

Mission Twin Over Full Staircase Bunk Bed with Trundle in Merlot Finish

Unlike other type of bunk bed, this bunk bed is completed with mattress so parents feel no need to buy this separately. It accommodates up to 8 inch mattress. The weight is 267 pounds, it is standard weight which can accommodate till 4 kids under 8 years old. For baby girls, color options like pink and soft green are very suitable for them while brown and chocolate can be a good opt for baby boys.

This is built in 4 drawer chest and magazine racks to make them happy every day. It isn’t only general staircase bunk bed but also playground for them to improve their creativity. The staircase is short and safe, so you don’t need to be worried because your kids are always protected and prevent them falling down.

Discovery World Furniture White Staircase Bunk Bed Twin/Twin (Stair Stepper) with 3-Drawer Storage

White bunk bed with stairs can be the next favorite bed for kids. White reflects purity, cleanness and lightness. Having white furniture in the minimalist bedroom can make room looks larger, lighter and more modern. At glance, Discovery World Furniture White Staircase bunk bed twin is not far different than Mission staircase bunk bed with Merlot finish above, but this white bunk bed with stairs are completed by drawers under bed and beside the stairs.

Discovery World Furniture White Staircase Bunk Bed Twin Twin Stair Stepper with 3-Drawer Storage

That’s why this bunk bed is good for those who want to store kid’s goods in their bunk bed. Constructed by Solid Pine which make this bunk bed lasts throughout many years. Beside that, this is a clean bunk bed with all edges sanded with 220 Grit Paper for a Splinter free, smooth and sharp corner free finish. For the product durability and quality, you feel no need to doubt this. It meets buyer product Safety Commission’s ASTM- F14-27 safety standards to protect your kids.

For the shipping, it includes free ground shipping with standard curbside delivery. The stairs is also multifunction, it is not only functioned as stairs but also for storing goods like shoes, dolls etc. Overall, this white bunk bed with stairs is really suitable for children who have a lot of toys or books to store in. Therefore, to use this bunk bed, you have to buy the mattress separately because it doesn’t include in the package.

Sturdy Metal Twin-over-Futon Bunk Bed in White Finish

Have you tried using bunk bed with futon?. A futon is a quilted mattress rolled out on the floor for use as a bed. This is much used around the world, Asia, US and Europe. Most of bunk bed in countries mentioned above use a futon as a part of the bunk bed. This bunk bed with futon is multi functional. Sometimes it can be used as the general bunk bed, but in the other hand, you can also arrange it with futon style or even set it like a sofa.

Sturdy Metal Twin-over-Futon Bunk Bed in White Finish

This bunk bed is very modern and really suitable to be installed in the minimalist room. Sturdy Metal Twin bunk bed with futon is constructed by steels so it is not only lasting long but also very sturdy. Unlike other type of bunk beds, this bed has been completed by slats so that no box spring needed. Thanks to its functional feature, the futon can be quickly and easily converts into a full-size sleeper.

So this type of bunk isn’t only good for minimalist bedroom but also works so well for tiny rooms like rooms in an apartment etc. The mattress is replaceable, it allows you to change the mattress as frequent as you want. Even when you want to welcome the guests in an apartment, this bunk bed typically works best for this. Again, thanks to its steel materials which make this easy-maintained. The Bunk bed with futon is multifunctional bed you need to buy for children and adult comfort.

Walker Edison Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed, Espresso

The last option for bunk bed is a solid Walker Edison Solid Wood Bunk Bed. It is completed by espresso color which makes it looks so chic and loved by many children. It is also completed by a stair which connects two separated beds. In addition, it is also supported with slats which make this need no box spring. The dimension of this espresso solid wood bunk bed is 42 x 80 x 65 inches which is very ideal for space-saving needs.

Walker Edison Solid Wood Twin Bunk Bed, Espresso

Assembling process doesn’t take long time. It is very easy and you need no professional help. Just follow the step by step instructions to assemble it. It only takes less than 20 minutes to make it ready use. Beside that, Espresso bunk bed is very suitable for those who want to decor their kid bedroom with rustic or classic style. Espresso color offers simplicity and classical style.

From benefits we mentioned above, actually there is a little bit lacks, which is situated in its mattress. It does not include bedding or mattress so buyers have to buy them separately. The stair is designed vertically which actually is not too comfortable for kids, especially for children under 3 years, this bunk bed isn’t suitable for them because of its safety reason. As we know that vertical stairs in a bunk bed is only suitable for kids above 3 years old which already able to climb up vertically.

Well, from best bunk beds for kids above, each manufacturer has tried to fulfill the customer demands by releasing a variety of bunk bed with various price and design as well. It depends on the customer, they deserve to choose the best bunk bed which match to their criteria, whether they prefer choosing the cheapest one, the most durability or even the most unique design. It is up to you. So from many bunk bed above, which one would you choose for your kids?.